First Ride

First RideFirst I will update what has happened in the last two weeks. On the last day of June, I began a lease contract for a horse called DK. She is a bay mare (I have no clue what breed yet I will find out soon) and is about 13 hands tall (52 inches, about 5 feet). She is a very round-bellied mare because she was a stud mare before being rescued. Her name is DK because of her really long ears. I fell for her when I rode her for the first time on June 8th. The team group lesson was going really well, and everyone was enjoying their horses, so my trainer told us all to gallop, and DK went right to it when I asked her to. She also was famous for tailgating, but with me on her back, she never tried to tailgate. Well a couple times, but she listened to me when I guided her away from Honey’s rump. And the very biggest sign that she was the horse for me, was that I felt the connection with her. When I first meet a horse, I need to feel a horse connect with my soul. And before I started petting her, the other girls were saying, “Oh you’re going to have a rough time” and silly things like that. But I went through with riding her anyway, and thank god I did. I think I have a chance to win something in the MIHA shows. So on June 30th, I became the proud leaser of DK. And boy has my life changed so much since that day. Since that day, I am out at the barn 4 days a week. Here’s the schedule: Saturday; group lesson. And once a month, I have a whole team practice with the group lesson people. On Sunday, I have a private lesson, and a practice ride afterwards. Then on Wednesday, I go out to the barn and have a group lesson with adults. I have no clue who they are. Thursday I have a practice ride after camp is over. So that is mainly my week. Today, I went out to the barn to toss hay, and I got to ride DK in a private lesson. My trainer told me yesterday that I did a great transition from a walk to a canter. That was so cool that she said that and it made me feel really good inside, like I was making progress with DK. I usually am the last one to get to the canter and I was the first. Wow! I am so excited for the future!



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